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Behind Theodore P. Belafonte

Garrick "Teddy Belafonte" Adams was born in Marianna, Florida. The son of parents who worked for the federal government, he moved frequently as a child.. Despite this, he was able to find comfort in his father's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, the placeTeddy would also spent a good portion of his childhood and the place he considers his "Hometown."


Teddy spent the last three years of high school in Chester, Virginia before graduating and attending Virginia State University in Petersburg,Virginia where he received his degree in Hospitality Management in 2011.


In school, Teddy initially disliked the analytical nature of writing assignments which also didn't give him the chance to express himself. He discovered his love for writing during his junior year of college when he took a creative writing course.


Utilizing Facebook to post quirky and humorous statuses, he was approached by a peer who suggested that he start a blog for people to enjoy. Teddy was known as a class clown in high school and college so he tried his hand at blogging receiving good feedback and encouragement from his readers.


With desires of making the world laugh, Teddy decided to publish his first book and thus, his first project "The Life & Times of Theodore P. Belafonte" was born.


He cites his son, JoJo, as his biggest inspiration to keep working towards his goals to be an author. "When I found out I was going to be a father, I put my writing on hold because I had to provide for my family. As he got older and looked to me like a superhero it made me want to achieve my goals so I could give him the world and inspire him like he inspired me."


Teddy worked on his book off and on since 2012, while adding new entries to his blog and also writing scripts to further take his talents to the big screen. After years of preparation, he is ready to make his mark in history and more than happy to have you with him on this journey.

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